Who we Are?

ALLORA GROUPS is one of leading Communication & Entertainment Company who is integrating strategy, creativity and technology to provide unique experiences & benefits to the individuals and as well as Sponsors .

ALLORA GROUPS started as a dream of two very different, yet extremely enterprising men – Nitin K Jain and Nitesh Sharma. Today, they have become a phenomenon in the event industry. They have tirelessly worked towards making ALLORA GROUPS a Leading communication and Entertainment Company still continue to do the same. Headquartered in Delhi NCR, Allora Event has offices in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur in India, with international liaison offices and associates across the world.

At ALLORA GROUPS, our focus is a simple one – event management in a way that creates a win-win situation for all involved stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure that our clients as well as participants of the event have an overall positive experience. To do this, our team is professional and polite – we don’t look at building one time associations with clients, instead, aim at creating long-lasting collaborations that will span years to come.


What We Do?

Taking that idea from concept to reality requires a unique combination: creativity, a desire for excellence and immaculate organizational skills. The success of ALLORA GROUPS is a result of the team working tirelessly to ensure that every component of the event unravels exactly as planned. A factor that unites each member of the team is a ‘passion for experience’ – a steadfast commitment to ensuring that every event is an experience, a memory that will stay in the mind of those present long after they have left the venue.

Allora is in the business of creating experiences and our staunch belief is that an event may be forgotten, but an experience will last a lifetime. Allora, a pioneer in the events, exhibitions, activations, television, PR & digital space has been instrumental in shaping the event management industry in India.

Allora has successfully conceptualized, organized and executed small scale events such as the GHAZAL-E-MEHFIL, Haryana Laughter, Mrs. Haryana. Now, ALLORA is building a solid platform with a depth of expertise in experiential marketing, digital and physical marketing. With the team of fully professional ALLORA is now ready to do large scale events, and with this in mind they have decided to do Allora Mrs. India 2018 on a bigger scale.


Our Vision

When we talk about business, a question of customer loyalty coincides with it. But have you ever thought where this customer loyalty comes from? If you look at the list of anybody’s household purchase, you would find him/her buying same products of a particular brand over and over, though there are cheaper options available out there. Even if you look at you, you would find that you prefer to usually fly on the same airline, you prefer to buy your coffee from the same place every morning and sometimes all of you recommend a specific restaurant to your friends or colleagues.

The reason behind we all have a tendency to stay loyal to a specific brand is because that brand has its own set of values comprising of emotional, physical and logical elements. So, when the question comes about event management, brand launch, creating corporate identity and so on, our company ALLORA GROUPS Entertainment proudly stands as an exception in the arena of business having a clear vision that to work with passion and dedication and to live always up to the values of our company.


Our Promise


Working in an industry that is relatively cluttered means that we’re often asked by prospective clients – why should we go with ALLORA? What sets you apart?

The answer is a simple one:

We understand the many nuances of event management well. Irrespective of an event’s scale, the nature of the event or the level of security it requires, we realize the kind of arrangements that need to be made. More importantly, our vast experience with different events has equipped us to manage all types of events, unique as they may be.

We follow three straightforward rules of thumb:

  1. Always be prepared

If something can go wrong, it will, so have a contingency plan for every factor


  1. Think out of the box – it isn’t an option, it’s the norm

Set a new benchmark, by doing things uniquely and daring to be different


  1. Dominate the details!

Think about the small factors of the event, they contribute to big-picture success.


Our Expertise?

ALLORA focuses on two strategic areas:

Communication and Entertainment

our events are custom-designed to create a platform for Brand Communication and positioning, hence we strongly believe in “Creating Experiences that activate Brands, Businesses and Customers”.

ALLORA is possibly, the only group to invest in high-end event / production infrastructure. This enables the company to provide state-of-the-art sound, lighting & lasers, video, décor facilities at par with the best in the world. With the singular belief that entertainment and events have the potential to redefine every industry, ALLORA has integrated the two into a highly effective brand communication vehicle.