Working in an industry that is relatively cluttered means that we’re often asked by prospective clients – why should we go with ALLORA? What sets you apart?

The answer is a simple one:

We understand the many nuances of event management well. Irrespective of an event’s scale, the nature of the event or the level of security it requires, we realize the kind of arrangements that need to be made. More importantly, our vast experience with different events has equipped us to manage all types of events, unique as they may be.

We follow three straightforward rules of thumb:

  1. Always be prepared

If something can go wrong, it will, so have a contingency plan for every factor


  1. Think out of the box – it isn’t an option, it’s the norm

Set a new benchmark, by doing things uniquely and daring to be different


  1. Dominate the details!

Think about the small factors of the event, they contribute to big-picture success