ALLORA GROUPS is one of leading Communication & Entertainment Company who is integrating strategy, creativity and technology to provide unique experiences & benefits to the individuals and as well as Sponsors .

ALLORA GROUPS started as a dream of two very different, yet extremely enterprising men – Nitin K Jain and Nitesh Sharma. Today, they have become a phenomenon in the event industry. They have tirelessly worked towards making ALLORA GROUPS a Leading communication and Entertainment Company still continue to do the same. Headquartered in Delhi NCR, Allora Event has offices in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur in India, with international liaison offices and associates across the world.

At ALLORA GROUPS, our focus is a simple one – event management in a way that creates a win-win situation for all involved stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure that our clients as well as participants of the event have an overall positive experience. To do this, our team is professional and polite – we don’t look at building one time associations with clients, instead, aim at creating long-lasting collaborations that will span years to come.