ALLORA Mrs. INDIA® Pageant is the Elite international pageant system for Diverse and Poised Women

“Not just a pageant with a difference, it is a pageant that creates a difference”

AT ALLORA Mrs. INDIA®, we believe that physical beauty is just a part of the whole allure of a person. Our award is for the most honorable married/divorced woman. She must be focused, determined, powerful, inspiring, her own career and to be involved with a significant cause in favor of other people. Our movement is geared to contribute to the social economy and shape it into more equal and sustainable system through the altruism of our participants and sponsors.

This year we have identified two social causes to focus our efforts on so we can create a positive impact in INDIA. We are addressing Violence against women and Human & Sex Trafficking. We are also finding different ways to stop trafficking of children’s and as well as uplifting the growth of a housewife.

While at the ALLORA Mrs. INDIA® Pageant, each delegate will attend press conferences, appearances, charities, parties and rehearsals. This dazzling experience will be entertaining for everyone who participates. The Mrs. India® title will change the life of two very lucky women. ALLORA Mrs. INDIA® ® will win cash, prizes and many more exciting proposals. Each deserving queen will represent the best qualities of the India’s many married and single women.



This is the first year of ALLORA Mrs. INDIA®; the management has come up with some interesting format as mentioned below;

• Mrs. India this year shall be touring across 15 cities which shall be divided into 2 categories i.e. city Auditions and State crowning. It clearly specifies strong steps have been taken to collect best contenders from across the country.

• The auditions in cities shall be performed as one day event. The contestants Shortlisted should approach towards the next level.

• These 15 states shall be divided into four zones, and each zone shall hold a crowning ceremony for the zonal winner. The zonal winner shall then finally approach Chandigarh for final audition.

• As 15 states will be segregated into 4 zones, each zone is going to have a separate mentor. They shall ensure that applicants are given good training and are groomed in the right way to represent states and country ahead in future.


NOTE : – We are the prime owner of the show, The winner of the Show/State Crowning will be judged by our jury members on the basis of contestants individuals skills and appearance. No contestant has the right to cross questioning or blaming for no getting advances for the next round.




AUDITIONS in each city will consist of 4 rounds
 Registration of the contestant.
 Introduction Round
 Talent/Questionnaire Round.
 Walk/Beauty Check Round.


The finale of ALLORA Mrs. INDIA® will be 3 days event that will consists these different rounds, with 30 contestants.
 Contestants Welcome.
 Grooming and Table Etiquettes Round.
 Fitness and Health Round.
 Health and Beauty Tips.
 Social Work Round.
 Calendar Photo Shoot.
 Only 25 contest move forward for the Grand finale round.

NOTE: – 5 eliminations in total, 1 each at the end of each round, all the beautiful moments are to be captured by our team of professional photographers.


The winner of the competition must be confident. She must understand the values of our brand and the responsibilities of the title. She must have the ability to articulate her ambition. A contestant should demonstrate authenticity, credibility and exhibit grace under pressure. The women who compete embody the modern, global aspiration for the potential within all women.

Each competition begins with preliminary interviews that include a traditional, athletic wear and evening gown presentation show. These preliminary events are especially important as it will be the first time the judges and fans really get to know the contestants. The preliminary competition is the driving force in selecting the Semifinalists.

The live show and final competition kicks off with an announcement of the Semifinalists. Each of these contestants will walk the runway during the traditional or athletic wear segment displaying her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

The semifinalists move on to the second stage of the competition during the evening gown segment. The judges and fans will see the contestants’ personal style as they walk the stage in their evening gown of choice. However, the exact design of the gown does not count towards the total score and instead the judge’s focus on how confidently each woman presents herself.

From the scores given in the evening gown competition, the Top 12 competitors are chosen, bringing them to the Final Question round. Each woman selects a judge at random who presents a question focused on various social, cultural and political topics. The Final Question round will determine the contestant’s ability to articulate themselves under pressure while sharing a thoughtful, well-informed response. Again, all scores are averaged and the Top 3 contestants move on to the Final Look.

The event concludes with the host announcing the winner. In the event that the winner is unable to fulfill her duties, the first-runner up will take her place.



CASH PRIZE – The winner gets a bigger amount of cash prize

INTERNATIONAL TOUR – A free international tour for 4 days for the winners

MUSIC VIDEO – Winner will get chance to feature in a music video

INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE – Winner will get chance to feature in an international magazine

MRS WORLD – Top 4 will get chance to represent our country in international pageants

FASHION INDUSTRY – Modelling assignments to the winner and the runner-ups

GIFT HAMPERS – Attractive gift hampers to the winner and the runner ups

BRAND AMBASSADOR – Brand ambassador opportunities with many brands