The management of an event begins when aspirations for the big day are created and culminates only when every loose end is duly wrapped up. What happens in between are a series of steps, most are anticipated but there will always be a few unexpected ones that only experienced and quick-thinking professionals can handle. Our expertise is in providing an end-to-end event management solution that enables the client to offload a significant part of the management process on to us.




ALLORA is in the business of creating experiences and our staunch belief is that an event may be forgotten, but an experience will last a lifetime. ALLORA, a pioneer in the events, exhibitions, activations, television, PR & digital space has been instrumental in shaping the event management industry in India. We do complete set of branding for our Sponsors/Clients pre, post and throughout the events. So that their product/ brand reach to maximum number of potential audiences, we also make their brand more popular across the globe.



Our events are custom-designed to create a platform for Brand Communication and positioning, hence we strongly believe in “Creating Experiences that activate Brands, Businesses and Customers”.

With the singular belief that entertainment and events have the potential to redefine every industry, ALLORA has integrated the two into a highly effective brand communication vehicle. We give high end entertainment to the Audiences that give direct benefits to our clients.



Event Conceptualization – The idea generation process

Event Design – The idea conversion process

Event Execution – The idea implementation process



We offer digital marketing strategy, E- Commerce Solutions, Pay per Click, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing & Other Digital Marketing Services.

We are catering to our clients based out of India, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, and Dubai, UAE, Australia and other parts of the World. We are passionate about all things digital and effective business results for you and we are obsessed with quality. We also know that planning is imperative to turn an idea into a successful venture. We put our experience and resources in planning a strategy that results in smooth execution of the development work. So that it helps our Sponsors to make the most of every single penny they pay to get the things fall in their place.



We are bringing logics and Idea that has been converted into Promotions – We started with this motto 1 year back and were very sure we will grow out of it at some point. From helping educate brands about the importance of messaging and communication versus keywords and search engine rankings; to educating brands that it’s not about having a presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or about having Millions of fans. Digital May have come a long way but the basics still seem to be eluding an offline heavy brand marketing.


Some key factors impacting the change are : –

2-way interaction: Power for the brands to be able to listen to people and respond.

Extremely short attention span: You got something for me, and then say it already. Else, move on. I got better things to do.

Story telling: From a catch attention and then a product window to telling a story over multiple touch points and multiple interlinked messages, marketing is no longer about the product.

Need based to value based: Consumers no longer buy products based on need; they buy products based on value. Hence the focus is no longer on the product itself; rather it’s on the entire periphery surrounding the product we lovingly call as ‘brand experience’.

Feeling connected: Consumer has plethora of available choices and has an innate desire to know more about the product they use and build a connection with the brand. For e.g. more Indians feel connected to Steve Jobs knowing he traveled India for exploring himself.

Larger than life: People like brands that are larger than life and provides more. They feel good if the brand they are working with is socially more responsible or has other facets they could associate with.



Summits & Conferences

Product Launches

Digital Management

Award Ceremonies


Brand Activation

Luxury, Lifestyle & Fashion Shows

Special Events